The Chordials are an award-winning a cappella group from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. The group, known from their edgy and passionate style, sings in Ithaca and across the Northeast. Each semester, they put on one major concert on campus: "After Hours" in the fall, and "Cocktail Hour" in the spring. In 2013, they went to ICCA Finals in New York City and received 3rd place overall. In February 2016, they released their most recent album, Surface. Through their regional performances and several album releases, the Chordials have shown their commitment to performance and production and remain a well-known exemplar of the collegiate a cappella genre.



With the passion to make great music, a group of Cornell students, including founder Elana Wolff ’01, Musical Director Dennis Chow ’99, President Anand Swaminathan '99, and Business Manager Amanda Stahl ’99, founded the Chordials in 1997. The Chordials have continued to create their signature arrangements from a range of musical styles from rock and soul to R&B and pop. The group has been invited to perform at various events on the Cornell University campus, in the Ithaca area, and all over the Northeast at colleges and universities such as Georgetown, Haverford, RIT and Johns Hopkins and in Buffalo, New York City, and Martha’s Vineyard. The Chordials have even been able to perform internationally, touring Germany in the summer of 2008. Since 1998, the group has produced at least one major concert each year – the annual spring concert, “Cocktail Hour”, and the fall concert formerly called “Crunkapella”, now called “After Hours”. The group also has been committed to producing albums, such as their most recent release and ninth studio album, Surface, released February 2016.